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Support Material

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1.  About On-line Books & Material - by Bawa
2.  About On-line Study Material - on Bawa
3.  List of URLs or Web Page Addresses - in on-line library (partial list)

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1.  "About" On-line Books & Material - by Bawa

The On-line Books (by Bawa) and the Other On-Line Material (by Bawa) provided in this library simply point to, that is, provides a Link to, material provided at the Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Web Site (www.bmf.org), and are not physically in this on-line library.  

This material has been put together and made available by the devoted Children of the Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship for use on their Web Site, and we thank them for their wonderful effort, and to their Web Master, Sharafiddeen Abdurashid, for putting it all together so nicely.  Al-hamdul -lillah.   Allahu Akbar.  Please keep all of this wonderful stuff coming.  We really appreciate it.  

For more information on the BMF Web Site, please click HERE.  Once there click on: "Outline For Library Home Page", and then click on: "About Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship Web Site", or click HERE to go to that site.

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2.  "About" On-line Study Material - on Bawa

And the On-line Study Material (on Bawa) in this library was put together by this child, by Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler), and includes a few chapters from a few of the books by His Holiness but organized in a way that helps us study them, and supports the reference to this material in the many wonderful Spiritual Letters and Spiritual Chats sent out to the Children of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with each of Us) from the Children of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with each of Us), for exampe, from this child, from Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler).  

For example, in many cases we have provided, in additional to the text of the chapter by His Holiness, an outline for the chapter, as well as a summary of each of the topics in the chapter, all provided by the Children of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with each of Us), for example, by this child, by Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler), as a guide to help other students of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with Him), sit at His feet, and study this material with Him, moving it from our mind and desire and senses onto the tablet of our innermost heart, allowing our Shaikh to then read that tablet and advise us further.  

Such is the true nature of the Shaikh-Disciple Relationship that we each must establish with His Holiness, with our Father, Shaikh Muhammad Rahim Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with Him), and with His Children, if we are to be truly successful on this path of wisdom, becoming "One with" God within us, before we die to the "outside" of us.  

For more on this wisdom point please click on the following: Spirtitual Letter 60, "Understanding the Sin of Righteousness" (www.SpiritualLetter060.homestead.com).

For as Bawa teaches us on page 105, in Chapter 30, "The Mystical Meaning of Man's Body", (www.spiritualbook002chap30.homestead.com), in the beautiful book of wisdom, "The Pearl of Wisdom(www.ThePearlOfWisdom.homestead.com).

"Allah has by His grace adorned the body of man with these twenty-eight letters. 
They adorn the head, forehead, brain, eye, ear, nose, throat, shoulder, shoulder 
joint, throat -junction (Adam's Apple), spine, chest, stomach, hip, knee-cap, and 

"Allah has enlivened and filled this body with many substances. Buried inside 
man's body are the good and the bad." 

"Dear, Son, if you wish to differentiate between good and bad and clarify yourself, 
you should associate with a virtuous Guru, perform His bidding, accept His 
exhortations, record and preserve them in the book of your heart." 

"Then the Master Guru will take that tablet of the heart, read it, and advise you 
further. He will teach you the secret of assembling the body of man with the 
twenty-eight letters of grace on each spot." 

"He will show you how to enliven each spot, how to give life to it, how to speak 
tactfully, how to dismantle the body parts, and how to re-assemble them. In this 
state, my Son, if you lean the "magic" of dismantling the human body, and 
re-assembling it, you will witness the Primal One."

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3.  List of URLs or Web Page Addresses - in on-line library (partial list)

Go To:  URL's for "Children's Part of Library"
Go To:  URL's for "Father's Part of Library"

Introduction - to the list of URL's

The following Parts of the on-line "Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Librarycan now be accessed directly using their own URL or Web Page Address.  This approach to directly accessing the individual parts of the library is called "Unbundling"

Unbundled Parts of the Library:

1.  Library Home Page - which you are currently reading

The Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Library ...... www.BawaMuhaiyadeenLibaray.homestead.com
The Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Library ...... www.Bawa.homestead.com (short cut URL)

2.  The "Two Parts" of the Library:

Father's Part of the Library ...... www.LibraryFather.homestead.com
Children's Part of the Library .... www.LibraryChildren.homestead.com

3.  "Some" of The "Individual Parts" of the Library - like a "Spiritual Letter", or a "Spritual Chat", as follows:

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URL's For Children's Part of Library:  - a partial list only

1.  Home Page - Spiritual Insights  ........ www.SpiritualInsights.homestead.com
2.  Home Page - Spiritual Letters .......... www.SpiritualLetters.homestead.com
01)  Spiritual Letter 01  .... www.SpiritualLetter001.homestead.com 
02-08) - still bundled within the Home Page for Early Spiritual Letters
08)  Spiritual Letter 08  .... www.SpiritualLetter008.homestead.com 
09)  Spiritual Letter 09  .... www.SpiritualLetter009.homestead.com 
10-13) - still bundled within the Home Page for Early Spiritual Letters)
14)  Spiritual Letter 14  .... www.SpiritualLetter14.homestead.com
15)  Spiritual Letter 15  .... www.SpiritualLetter015.homestead.com
16)  Spiritual Letter 16  .... www.SpiritualLetter016.homestead.com
17)  Spiritual Letter 17  .... www.SpiritualLetter017.homestead.com
18)  Spiritual Letter 18  .... www.SpiritualLetter018.homestead.com
19)  Spiritual Letter 19  .... www.SpiritualLetter019.homestead.com
20)  Spiritual Letter 20  .... www.SpiritualLetter020.homestead.com
21)  Spiritual Letter 21  .... www.SpiritualLetter021.homestead.com
22)  Spiritual Letter 22  .... www.SpiritualLetter022.homestead.com
23)  Spiritual Letter 23  .... www.SpiritualLetter023.homestead.com
24)  Spiritual Letter 24  .... www.SpiritualLetter024.homestead.com
25)  Spiritual Letter 25  .... www.SpiritualLetter025.homestead.com
26)  Spiritual Letter 26  .... www.SpiritualLetter026.homestead.com
27)  Spiritual Letter 27  .... www.SpiritualLetter027.homestead.com
28)  Spiritual Letter 28  .... www.SpiritualLetter028.homestead.com
(for more - click on the followingHome Page - Spiritual Letterrs)
3.  Home Page - Spiritual Topics ..........  www.SpiritualTopics.homestead.com
01)  Spiritual Topic 01 ..... www.SpiritualTopic001.homestead.com
02)  Spiritual Topic 02 ..... www.SpiritualTopic002.homestead.com
(for more - click on the followingHome Page - Spiritual Topics)
4.  Home Page - Spiritual Chats ............ www.SpiritualChats.homestead.com
01) - still bundled within Home Page for Spiritual Chats
02)  Spiritual Chat 02 ...... www.SpiritualChat002.homestead.com
03)  Spiritual Chat 03 ...... www.SpiritualChat003.homestead.com
04)  Spiritual Chat 04 ...... www.SpiritualChat004.homestead.com
05)  Spiritual Chat 05 ...... www.SpiritualChat005.homestead.com
06)  Spiritual Chat 06 ...... www.SpiritualChat006.homestead.com
07)  Spiritual Chat 07 ...... www.SpiritualChat007.homestead.com
08)  Spiritual Chat 08 ...... www.SpiritualChat008.homestead.com
(for more - click on the following: Home Page - Spiritual Chats)

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URL's For Father's Part of Library: - a partial list only

Glossary of Terms .................. www.bmf.org/iswp/glossary.html

Home Page - Lists of Bawa Quotations .......
Bawa Quotations - List 01 ....... www.BawaQuotationsList001.homestead.com
Bawa Quotations - List 02 ....... www.BawaQuotationsList002.homestead.com
Bawa Quotations - List 03 ....... www.BawaQuotationsList003.homestead.com

Book And Chapters by His Holiness:  

Home Page - Spiritual Books ... www.SpiritualBooks.homestead.com

1.  A Mystical Journey ........ www.AMysticalJourney.homestead.com
2.  The Pearl of Wisdom ...... www.ThePearlOfWisdom.homestead.com
a.  Forward   ............... www.ThePearlOfWisdomForward.homestead.com
b.  Invocation To Allah . www.ThePearlOfWisdomInvAllah.homestead.com
c.  Invocation To Guru .. www.ThePearlOfWisdomInvGuru.homestead.com
d.  Chapter 1   ............ www.ThePearlOfWisdomChap01.homestead.com 
(for more - click on the following: Table of Contents - The Pearl of Wisdom)
3.  The Shaikh and Disciple . www.ShaikhAndDisciple.homestead.com 
4.  Islam & World Peace ..... www.IslamAndWorldPeace.homestead.com 
5.  Asma'ul-Husna  ............. www.The99NamesOfGod.homestead.com

Transcripts of Discourses And Songs by His Holiness:

1.  Home Page - Spiritual Discourses .... www.SpiritualDiscourses.homestead.com
a.  Spiritual Discourse 01 .. www.SpiritualDiscourse001.homestead.com
b.  Spiritual Discourse 02 .. www.SpiritualDiscourse002.homestead.com
2.  Home Page - Spiritual Songs ........... www.SpiritualSongs.homestead.com
a.  Spiritual Song 01 ......... www.SpiritualSong001.homestead.com
b.  Spiritual Song 02 ......... www.SpiritualSong002.homestead.com

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